Everything we make here at the smithy is truly hand made. From cutting the steel, forging, finishing, packaging and shipping each item, local is the word. We have enough scars to tell a few good stories, but we think that if you love what you do, then all the burns are worth it. And a cold beer at the end of the day seems to fix most of those pains.



Given that everything is made by hand, that means we are not a factory. Care is taken to meld each piece into shape, meaning that every item has its own character. We forge around 20,000 feet of steel into art each year. Now that's a lot of hammer blows. And elbow grease...



Iron is an element, but just one component of steel which is an alloy of iron, carbon, and more. Here at the smithy, we primarily use recycled low carbon steel, which is more malleable thus easier to hand forge. The forge temperature is usually 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. That's why I call it red hot art!